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Get to Know Us

Let's start at the beginning.... back in 2016 Joshua Clinton, started working at Leslie's Pool Supplies in Hattiesburg, Ms as the Assistant Manager. Within 6 months he was promoted to Store Manager and within a year he grew the business over 300%. He went on to win multiple awards and was offered a management opportunity in South Texas. He relocated to Corpus Christi in 2018, where he blew pool equipment and chemical sales out of the water but realized he did not want to spend the rest of his life behind the counter.  He also got tired of seeing so many "Pool Guys" taking advantage of good people. On August 1st 2019 Dora and Josh decided that they were going to go out on our own and start Clinton Pool Services LLC! The two have earned a great reputation as operating an honest company and operating with integrity! If you look at our testimonials you can see what over 40 of our past and current customers have had to say about us!

Josh and Dora Clinton are the owners and operators. It is not uncommon to see both of them out and about taking care of  regular customers as well as doing repair jobs big and small! 

Besides performing maintenance and repairs on pools Josh and Dora also has several certifications under their belt. Josh and Dora are CPO (Certified Pool Operator), CPI (Certified Pool Inspector), RWI (Recreational Water Illnesses), certified as well as Josh being CPOI (Certified Pool Operator Instructor) certified. We are always looking for ways to continue our education and to keep up to date on any and all things pools in our industry!

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